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Enabling Organisations to Understand and Manage Cyber Risk

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Cyber Assessment Tool

Perform a tailored cyber assessment for your organisation, produce management dashboards and regulatory reports

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Cyber Assessment Tool

Perform a tailored cyber assessment for your organisation, produce management dashboards and regulatory reports

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Cyber Confidence

CRI Clients Include

Brought to you and supported by the experts at Cyber Risk International. Protecting, supporting and empowering global brands.

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Empower your organisation. Self assess, create metrics that drive your cyber strategy. Save time, costs and drive your security program forward and meet regulatory reporting requirements. Create trust with your clients, stakeholders and business partners with cyber risk rating trust seal.

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ECB Cyber Guidance

CyberPrism is compliant with all the latest guidance from European regulators including ECB, BoE, PRA, FCA, CBI and the G7 Cyber Fundamentals

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Cyber Assessment

Risk Management

CyberPrism is based on the key principals of risk management.
Residual Cyber Risk = (Inherent Cyber Risk) – (Impact of Current Controls)

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CyberPrism - SME

CyberPrism - SME is the combination of empowering clients with direct access to the CyberPrism tool completely supported by a team of cyber risk experts.


Subscribe for access to CyberPrism. The world's only cyber risk assessment tool that can measure inherent cyber risk and report on residual cyber risk.

CyberPrism - VRM

Subscribe for access to CyberPrism-VRM (Vendor Risk Management). Assess, manage and gain assurance from your vendor supply chain and all third parties.

Paul C Dwyer

CEO - Cyber Risk International | President - International Cyber Threat Task Force

I am often asked, what is the one thing. an organisation can do to improve its cyber security?
Well there are many parts to the answer, it is not simply about investing in a particular solution or process.

The answer to the cyber challenge lies in leadership. A top down approach is the only way to effectively deal with the dynamic landscape of evolving threats in a holistic business landscape.

So how do you empower the leadership in your organisation to take action? How do you provide them with the information they need in order to make strategic decisions and empower the management team and workforce?

The answer is a holistic "Cyber Assessment".

Recent Awards and Highlights

  • BoI FinTech Startup Award
    BoI FinTech Startup Award

    CyberPrism became prize winners in the FINTECH product of the year category on May 18th 2017 in the Mansion House Dublin. Many thanks to all involved.  ...

  • IRM Cyber Strategy of The Year
    IRM Cyber Strategy of The Year

    Cyber Risk International received a prestigious global award in 2016 based on the "CyberPrism" methodology. The award was from the IRM (Institute of Risk Management)....

  • HMG Approved Solution
    HMG Approved Solution

    CyberPrism has been approved by HMG as secure cloud based solution. It is the only cyber risk assessment tool to be approved the HMG UK procurement program....

  • International RegTech Association
    International RegTech Association

    CyberPrism is proud to be a founding member of the International RegTech Association...

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