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Enabling Organisations to Understand and Manage Cyber Risk


Who We Are


Cyber Risk International Ltd was founded in 2014 by Paul C Dwyer. Dwyer is recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts on cyber security, risk and privacy. As CEO of Cyber Risk International he specialises in corporate and enterprise security, development of cyber defence programs, and business operations protection for CRI clients.

Certified an industry professional by the International Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA). Approved by the National Crime Faculty and the HTCN High Tech Crime Network. He has worked extensively around the world his diverse career spans more than 25 years working with military, law enforcement and the commercial sector.

Dwyer with Chairman Brian Montague lead one of the world's most experienced teams of cyber risk, security and privacy experts protecting over a trillion dollars of clients assets.

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Our History


CRI launch in October 2014 and develop their cadre of world leading cyber risk, security and privacy experts to deliver their advisor services to blue chip clientele.


CRI developed a number of innovative services including CR2 (Managed Security) and  their CISO framework AKA CyberPrism methodology receives excellent peer review. The CyberPrism methodology is developed into a software solution which is delivered to the financial sector as a managed service - CyberPrism-MS.


CyberPrism methodology receives global recognition by the IRM Institute of Risk Management "Cyber Strategy of the Year". The CyberPrism software is further developed into a self assessment tool for the global financial sector. CyberPrism-FS is launched and is receives an award from HMG as an approved G-Cloud Supplier. The only security assessment tool to be accredited.


CRI further expand and move into a larger HQ. Developing their service portfolio to include executive briefings and CISO training courses to help empower financial service organisation to bridge the gap from operational to strategic. CyberPrism-FS is shortlisted to receive the BoI FinTech startup of the year award.

Our Future

With the ability to now essentially deliver "consultancy in the cloud" CRI continue to expand their client base globally. Concentrating primarily on the financial sector.

Q2 will see the launch of CyberPrism-VRM which allows organisations from any industry or size to complete a cyber assessment and share their cyber risk rating results securely.

CRI will continue to deliver "White Glove" level strategic advisory services to the world's largest organisations. CRI will continue to innovate and empower their clients to understand and manage cyber risk. Their vision is for the CyberPrism cyber risk rating to become the de facto metric of cyber trust between entities.