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CyberPrism – SME

What is it?

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CyberPrism is a CAT (Cyber Assessment Tool).

CyberPrism-SME  is a combination of access to the software supported by a team of cyber risk experts.

Our CyberPrism service offers you the combination of 90 days access to the full CyberPrism cyber assessment tool with priority remote support from our team of cyber risk experts.

This service was developed specifically for small to medium enterprises e.g. Credit Unions that wish to perform a cyber assessment and produce a full regulatory grade report. It includes unlimited remote access to experts via our virtual consultant service and this can include training sessions for software use if required.

Level Price  
CyberPrism - CU €9,995.00 now. Select

What Do Clients Say?

“I would highly recommend CyberPrism. It is easy to use, you don’t need a degree in IT, you just need to know your business. CyberPrism gives you the peace of mind that you have the controls in place to meet your business’s cyber inherent risk. The inherent risk is calculated for your organisation not a sector in general and thereby lets you know what your cyber maturity should be. You can easily identify any gaps in and what you need to do to improve your controls. As well as calculating your inherent and maturity risk CyberPrism produces reports for the Board and Regulators. If you improve or add a new control you can simply change your answer to the specific question and thus improve your score and generate a new report.” Denise Comerford – Member Service Manager - Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union Limited

Within 90 Days You Can


Calculate Cyber Inherent Risk

Produce Cyber Risk Rating

Display Executive Dashboards

Produce Full Cyber Assessment Report

Securely Share Result Scores

What's Included?

90 Day CyberPrism-FS Software Licence

Live Training Webinars - Onboarding

Recorded Training Webinars

Unlimited Access to Virtual Consultant

24/7 CyberPrism Help Desk


“Our award winning software enables and empowers financial institutions to deal with cyber assessments. The answers lie within organisations and our RegTech approach marries technology with the support being provided by our expert virtual consultant team. ”
Paul C Dwyer – CEO - Cyber Risk International


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